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Support for your fitness goals!

Element Fitness is home to some of the most talented Certified Personal Trainers in the industry. In 30-minute or 1-hour sessions, they can help you with everything from weight-loss to bodybuilding. 

Engaging with a trainer will add variety to your routine and incorporate weight and strength training, cardiovascular endurance, core training, flexibility, and nutrition so you can reach your goals quickly and efficiently.


We offer two different levels of training, both of which are uniquely designed to get you results.

Workout with Fit Ball


Our Performance Trainers are accredited with national certifications and have prior experience in a health related field.  They are an ideal trainer for anyone looking to take their fitness routine to the next level.

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Fitness Trainer


A more advanced caliber of training, our Elite Trainers are nationally certified and hold a degree in a sports related science.  Our Elite Trainers are perfect for those individuals who desire the highest level of fitness with no limitations.

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