@ ELEMENT FITNESS,  I just wanted to tell you a few things about my experience with personal training at Element Fitness. I am a Silver Sneaker Member a program for seniors through my insurance.  Overweight, out of shape, knees needing surgery, hurt shoulder, broken finger and with muscles that had been sleeping for about 30 years, I knew that I'd be a "Project". My trainer addressed all areas.  We worked the muscles around the knees to let me walk normally.  I couldn't kneel in church--I now kneel as needed.  I was taking Aleve and now don't take it much.  Pain is gone. Shoulder problem was in the muscle and it was addressed and it's back to normal. My cardio has improved, and showed me how to use the machines and low impact results.  Now, recently I moved 2 tons of lumber from Weston, Mo to my place in Lawrence, Kansas (Load and unload, by hand) the next day I cut and verticut the yard and bagged the waste.  Not long ago, this was impossible.



- Ron Rutkowski, 68 years young

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