Members Personal Training Rates

Performance Trainer                        Elite Trainer
$55 per session                                 $70 per session

12 sessions, $50 per session        12 sessions, $65 per session
24 sessions, $45 per session        24 sessions. $60 per session
48 sessions, $40 per session        48 sessions, $55 per session

Note: Tandem and group training available.  Non-members welcome, add $10 per session.

E-FIT EVALUATION (Fitness Evaluation)
A comprehensive consultation, standardized testing (body fat, circumference, flexibility, strength, cardiovascular) and computerized printout with health ranking.  $25 

Two meetings with your trainer, beginning with a complete health assessment (see above), then a second session to review detailed exercise plan and assess form.  $79 

Element Fitness Membership